Rotterdam100: Winning the 24-Hour Creation Battle

By Shuying Lin, full-time MBA participant

Shuying Lin is a Master in Business Administration student from China. In this article, she shares her experience of the Rotterdam 100 competition, where she and her team won the 24-Hour Creation Battle. The next step will be competing in the Grand Finale on the April 20, 2017.

“Having heard about the Rotterdam 100 from an MBA alumna who listed it as one of the top experiences of her year at Nyenrode, I immediately wanted to know more about this talent competition. Eager to meet outstanding peer students, experience the vibe of case competitions, be inspired by the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, and the opportunity to meet former Minister of Finance Jan Kees de Jager in person, I decided to apply.”

“I was chosen as one of 150 students from top universities in the Netherlands to participate in the so-called ‘Pitch Day’, where we would first receive a brief training on pitching and would then have to deliver a one-minute pitch around the topic of ‘New Economy’. Thanks to my experience of living and working in China, which is currently an ecommerce boom, and Singapore an intelligent city-state, I have built up a gut feeling on how digitalization brings transformation to various industries. With digitalization being my main pitch topic, I was selected as one of the 100 candidates for the 24-Hour Creation Battle.”

“The vibe of this 24-hour battle was thrilling! Being assigned under the ABN AMRO case group, my team had to solve the case of inefficiency at ANB AMRO’s trade finance department due to an enormous amount of paperwork. We were requested to find a solution, develop a business plan and pitch it to the ABN AMRO representatives. Thanks to the training I receive during my Full-time MBA at Nyenrode, especially the ‘Meet the CEO’ sessions and the ‘Design Thinking’ workshop initiated by Prof. Désirée van Gorp, I am equipped with the skills of generating a new idea quickly, selling it internally and pitching it externally.”

“My team not only came up with a solid solution on both a strategic and executional level in this sleepless night, but also had lots of fun in the karaoke session! I will never forget the 10 minutes when we pitched enthusiastically after 24 hours without any sleep. Nor the moment the ABN AMRO Operation Manager announced we were the case winner and that our pitch was delivered as if McKinsey had just walked in!”

“With the tickets to the Grand Finale battle on hand, and the chance to work with industrial experts from leading companies, our team will continue to work on developing our business plan for ABN AMRO. It has been a great experience to get to the yet-to-win final, but most importantly, we are all enjoying this fruitful journey. Encouraging each other, while becoming inspired.”

About the Rotterdam 100 Talent Competition

The Rotterdam 100 is a talent competition in which the brightest students and young professionals work with leading companies to create innovative solutions for challenging business cases that are focused around the Next Economy.

About Full-time MBA

Nyenrode’s Full-time MBA, flagship program of the university, is a one year program focused on personal and professional development. The program is designed around integrated business practices that include multidisciplinary faculty, case studies and European Immersion Modules. The program was originally launched in 1982 and is currently ranked #38 in Europe according to FT Rankings 2016.

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