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Life as a Nyenrodian is an articles series by the Full-time Master of Science in Management students. Their articles will provide insight into the ins and outs of their Nyenrode career and experiences. In this article, Martine Wagenaar (full-time MSc in Management student) shares her experiences with Kleurenfeest, an annual event that takes place at Nyenrode.

by Martine Wagenaar

Last week at Nyenrode, we held the annual “Kleurenfeest”. An event that takes place very year at Nyenrode. The reason for this event is to reveal the new color in the bar. Every year the bar has two colors and selects a new color set to represent the new bar collegie. As images say more than words, this article will include several pictures of this event. The festivities included booze, a barbeque, really nice music and even our most beloved singer was able to join us for a couple of nice songs.

The announcement of the “Kleurenfeest” came way in advance. It is presented as the biggest reveal of the year and encompasses a very important part for the guys from “het LXXIIe collegie tot de Suffisante Victualiën”. The party was organized at the Rostrum and started at 4 p.m. right after classes. Everything was arranged, there was free wine, a barbeque, music and our favorite singer. Overall, “het LXXIIe collegie tot de Suffisante Victualiën” did an amazing job in organizing one of those parties you never will forget. As the sun was shining, everyone was having a good time and there were even some activities arranged. “het LXXIIe collegie tot de Suffisante Victualiën” organized a paintball session where everyone was able to express themselves.

As such an event asks for snacks, the barbeque was fired up and there was enough food to get everyone through the rest of the evening. To push this event through the ceiling, “het LXXIIe collegie tot de Suffisante Victualiën” invited Joey Hartkamp, a beloved friend of the NCV, to warm our throats and sing some songs. He’s the man to invite when you want your party hopping. At about ten o’clock, it was time to take this party from the rostrum to the castle where the new color of “het LXXIIe collegie tot de Suffisante Victualiën” was revealed. From now on, the colors of the bar are Marine blue and apple green.

The rest of the evening will remain between the walls of Nyenrode, as true Nyenrodians respect Bacchus.

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