Discover your leadership potential in Nyenrode's BSc in Business Administration

Along with Nyenrode’s other international programs, the recently founded BSc in Business Administration is gaining momentum.

Central to the BSc in Business Administration (BScBA) is the international business laboratory. By living together on campus, students will naturally integrate with their counterparts following different programs.

As campus life is intense, with lots of activities throughout the academic year, students will develop their strengths and improve their understanding of business. This is enhanced further by the international exchange opportunities students are afforded.

Another key aspect of the program is the focus on personal development. By having a small class size students get the attention needed to facilitate their personal growth. This forms part of the personal leadership development journey, which lasts for the duration of the program.

Sports is also integral to the BScBA, so much so that students are required to dedicate 4.5 hours a week on sports. It’s a win-win situation; students are stimulated to study and build a sense of teamwork, while the program is enriched by their motivation and focus.

In line with the university’s “for business, by business” motto, the BScBA is not your traditional Bachelor program; there is a clear focus on personal and professional development. It is specifically designed to prepare youngsters for what is becoming an increasingly globalized business world.

The BScBA can have a profound impact on the career of students. Besides the business knowledge and knowhow, students can thrive as a result of the close campus environment and the practical aspects of the program.

As is the case with all Nyenrode programs, students will become part of a network with a reward for life.

In the words of Maxime Lee, current student of the BScBA, “we are on a journey to discover our leadership. The journey is tough but it will lift us up to a level we could not have foreseen.”

Join the BScBA Open Day on June the 3rd. Click here to register.

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